Visual CertExam

Visual CertExam Suite

* – Visual CertExam Suite was redesigned and renamed to the VCE Exam Simulator

Visual Exam Simulator is a desktop software for preparation to professional certification exams. VCE Simulator consists from two modules: With VCE Designer you  may easily create and modify practice exam files and VCE Manager is a VCE files player, it allows to organize the playback of the exam flow. Exam simulation is maximum close to the actual certification exam procedure, it allows to pass exam multiple times and check the scores statistic at the end.

VCE Simulator Features

  • Realistic simulation of the exam passing process
  • Useful editor with real-time preview option
  • Multiple types of exam questions
  • Single file for the whole exam
  • Exam file password protection
  • Tunable exam passing flow
  • Detailed reports for exam scores

Drop all those inconvenient PDF paper prints that complicate your learning by confusing you in multiple pages of text. With our program, you can always return to desired question and continue with the training as soon as you like.

It is the perfect solution for those who are going to take exams in a certified testing center by Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle or another. VCE Exam Simulator simulates the exam flow very close to the passing exam in the certification center. The program is useful for both individual users as well as for the of certification and training centers. It can be used not only for testing your personnel but also for the exam preparation. Answering questions you gradually learn the subject and memorize the correct answers.

System Requirements: OS Windows 95, ME, XP, 2000, Vista 7, 8


Suite in Action


VCE for Windows

  • All in one your own exam system
  • Designer app for exam creation
  • Manager app to play exams
  • Free PDF to VCE Converter
  • Reasonable price

VCE for Mac

VCE Mobile

VCE for Network

  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Network exam management
  • Server based test management
  • Exam design and preview
  • Multiple question types
  • Customized test mode
  • Multi-format data export